Soldier, girl and toyshop

A smart young soldier entered a toyshop. At the same time a pretty little girl in a snow-white dress appeared from the back of the shop.

“When will your sister turn up?” he said. She smiled.

“My sister will be here in a moment. She said I should entertain you a little first. Do you like dolls?” The soldier smiled back. The girl seemed very sweet, and he loved her sister.

“Show me some of your dolls” he asked. The girl picked up a large and beautiful blond doll with an attractive figure, about half a meter tall.

“Do you like her?” she asked and made the doll twinkle her eyes. “I call her Loretta.” She looked at him smiling.

“Well, she seems a little pale.”

“That’s true, but I can fix that.” Out of a drawer the little girl picks a pencil, lipstick, compact and other makeup and begins to make the doll pretty. Then she finds a brush, a small flower and makes the dolls hair beautiful too. She works quite fast, and the soldier stares at her amazed. When ready she proudly shows him her work.

“You would like to marry a girl like that, wouldn’t you?”

“I sure would.” answers the soldier without hesitating. The little girl laughs, puts one of the nice dolls toes into her mouth and blows. Suddenly the doll is fat. Then she puts on more eyshade, makes the doll look like an old, used woman.

“Here is your wife, the woman you are going to live with. They all change you see.” The little girl says these words with the voice of an old, wise lady. The soldier stares at her a little shocked.


“There is no but. She will be good for you, a nice cook and give you a lot of children. And you will be a loving husband... Unless there isn’t a  war.” She puts the doll aside and picks from another drawer a soldier-doll. It is a doll that looks very much like the soldier, dressed in almost the same uniform and as big as the other one.

“This is a soldier. There are good and evil soldiers. The good ones shoot the evil ones. This is not a good soldier, but a bad one, the enemy. So he gets shot.” She says it in a voice which doesn’t leave room for any doubt. Without any warning she tears a arm loose and a sharp bang is heard. The soldier, who is a little upset about what the little girl was saying just a minute ago gets frightened. But she continues calmly.

“In the beginning perhaps the good soldiers only hit him in the arm. Then the enemy shoots his head off, but the doctors take care of him.” She takes off the head, but no bang is heard, but then puts it back again.

“But with a little luck, perhaps with some gas or poison we will beat him at last.” She grabs the soldierdolls hair and tears it off, leaving a naked skull, then she pushes the doll forward and the two eyes fall out, but are fastened by a red thread, which stops them from falling onto the floor, making the impression even more realistic.

“When will your sister turn up?” the soldier asks nervously, this time not laughing.

“I don’t know, she went to buy some cakes. In about half an hour I’d guess. I should look after you in the meantime, she said.” The little girl now looks at the two dolls, laying against each other on the table, one fat and ugly, the other with terrible eyes hanging out, no hair and no arm.

“Than you very much... Tell her I’ll call her.” The soldier suddenly hurries towards the door. When the door closes behind him a very pretty young girl enters from the back of the toyshop.