The 30 faces stared at me in silence. The air was packed with tension, and I knew that someone will do the move. They would not let me go on. Then one hand is raised. I stare back, tension is thickening. I nod towards the risen hand. "Yes?"
"May I go out please" I hear a tiny, sweeky voice.
"Not this time, young man. You were out yesterday, and I told you. Never again....during my class." I sa tiny tear form itself in the eye of the boy. "But..." he stammers. But then his voice is quiet. I turn my back towards the blackboard. I saw the mischefious grin in his eyes and I suspect what will come next. But I am wrong. Tiny giggling behind me makes me turn around. Then I notice the smell and a small yellow pöl that is spreading below the feet of the boy.
"Please be silent, children. There are lessons that you will never forget. The lessons that teach you to live. Dont laugh and dont pity. But beware the reasons and dont put yourself into this position. Ever. Learn that every task has its time and place. Learn patience and you will be rewarded. Class dismissed." My voice was firm and the giggling had stopped, and as with a magic wand the schoolbell started ringing as the sound of my last word echoed away into eternity.
"Dear Mr Walker. Dear father, there are two kingdoms. Yours, the kingdom of parenthood is greater and more powerful. There you make the rules and you have the responsibility to teach them to respect your rules. If they break them, and they will break them, you may use almost anything to make you children understand." I paused and saw him straight into his eyes.
"My kingdom is smaller. The rules of my kingdom are not mine. They are made by the society. My task is teach and respect these rules. But I will enforce these, even if the only means I have is to make respect. And my way to create respect is - with love."
"The lesson your son learned, he will remember all his life. This is a small price to pay if he thereby learns to check time and pee when pee is due. Don't be angry with him. Let the past be forgotten in your mind. And his memories will make him a better kid."